Micro Vaped Nano Vape Pen

Micro Vaped Nano Vape PenIf you’re looking for cheap vape pens, the Micro Vaped Nano may be a good option. This vaporizer is only cheap in price, it’s still a quality pen. The Nano is compatible with all types of waxy oils. This vaporizer features a high-quality lithium ion battery that has a 5 click on/off mechanism for prolonged battery life and to... Read More »

Micro Vaped Titan Vape Pen

Micro Vaped Titan Vape PenThe Micro Vaped Titan Vape Pen is a high end pen style vaporizer, and is compatible with both dry herbs and waxy oils. It uses by two 18350 batteries that provide longer battery life and provide more heat compared to similar vape pens out there today. The Titan comes with 2 separate heating chambers, one for wax and... Read More »

Atmos R2 Vape Pen

Atmos R2 Vape PenThe new Atmos R2 is a very unique vape pen. It’s designed with a special anodized heating chamber, which allows it to get even hotter for more efficient heating and a purer taste. This pen is compatible with both dry herb and waxes.  This is a sleek designed pen that has a relaxed feel. It contains... Read More »

Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen

Cloud V Platinum Vape PenThe newest model from Cloud V is the Platinum Vape Pen. Slimmer than it’s predecessor, it features an improved platinum tornado wax atomizer that that makes the vaping experience much better. This pen is compatible with wax.  This new atomizer gives the pen approximately 40% more heating capacity when you compare it to most of the other atomizers found... Read More »

The C-Vape BCC Vaporizer Pen

The C-Vape BCC Vaporizer PenIf you’re looking for cheap vape pens, then the C-Vape BCC Vape Pen is a good choice. It’s only cheap in price, this is a good quality vape. It’s an oil compatible pen that uses a variable voltage battery. You can choose from 3 different voltage settings: 3.2v, 3.7v and 4.2v. The BCC is available in several different colors:... Read More »

G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Pen

G Pen Herbal Vaporizer PenThe G Pen Herbal Vaporizer Pen is another new vaporizer from Grenco Science. It is the first G Pen designed specifically for use with dry herbs. This is a meticulously crafted pen, with a stainless steel outer encasement, a scientifically-hardened glass sleeve, and a heating chamber tank.  Utilizing a higher quality heating coil, it is more efficient than... Read More »

G Pen microG Vape Pen

G Pen microG Vape PenThis is the new microG vape pen. This is a next generation model, featuring improved function and durability. All this while still maintaining the fundamental makeup that is integral to the original microG. This vape pen is perfect for waxy and essential oils with medium to thick viscosity.  Rest assured, because it’s made by Grenco Science, you know it’s made from the... Read More »

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