Cheap Vape Pens

White Rhino Dube Vape Pen Review

White Rhino Dube Vape Pen ReviewIf you’re looking for versatility for a great price then you need to be all over the White Rhino Dube Vape Pen. This vaporizer is compatible with herbs, oils and wax. Looks wise this pen is really good. It’s really discreet and fits perfectly in your hand. I like the choice of colors as well, it’s... Read More »

Micro Vaped Nano Vape Pen

Micro Vaped Nano Vape PenIf you’re looking for cheap vape pens, the Micro Vaped Nano may be a good option. This vaporizer is only cheap in price, it’s still a quality pen. The Nano is compatible with all types of waxy oils. This vaporizer features a high-quality lithium ion battery that has a 5 click on/off mechanism for prolonged battery life and to... Read More »

The C-Vape BCC Vaporizer Pen

The C-Vape BCC Vaporizer PenIf you’re looking for cheap vape pens, then the C-Vape BCC Vape Pen is a good choice. It’s only cheap in price, this is a good quality vape. It’s an oil compatible pen that uses a variable voltage battery. You can choose from 3 different voltage settings: 3.2v, 3.7v and 4.2v. The BCC is available in several different colors:... Read More »